This amazing choir was founded with Ramón as their designated MD and arranger. 

This ambitious vocal group performs arrangements written by Ramón exclusively and does so in a way that makes Ramón very happy and proud. 

The Choricals 

Ambitious, eclectic, versatile. This choir, conducted by Ramón, sings music from all ages and enjoys the privilege of having their very own pianist. 

Their stage presence and dynamic range guarantees for a great concert experience, both for the audience and the choir's singers. 


In this eclectic band formation, Ramón sings, plays bass, double bass, flutes (including contrabass flute) and Synthesizers. 

Their first album was released in April 2019, on which Ramón also was a producer. 


Conducted by Ramón since 2013, this versatile, mixed choir sings music from the 70's to now and has a lot of fun doing so. Make sure to watch them, it's contagious!


With a great stage presence, an astounding dynamic range and the musicality to bring tears to your eyes, this choir, co-led by Ramón and Vera Langer is sure to hit all of your sweet spots!